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Major Policy Success for the NLA

Date online: 27/03/2015

Since 2010, when the last Government gave local authorities carte blanche over licensing decisions, landlords have been marginalized. Blanket licensing schemes have been proposed at an alarming rate and a number have become a reality against the local community’s wishes.



The NLA has long struggled to argue against these local ‘selective’ licensing schemes, with mixed results. We have managed to turn the tide in areas such as Manchester, Bournemouth and Milton Keynes. However, other towns and cities have been less receptive.


This is why we have spent five years researching, analyzing and evaluating policy to force change centrally, and have now succeeded in lobbying the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government to restrict the ability of town halls in England to license private landlords without the express approval of Central Government.


We need your support!

The NLA believes that it is the right of every landlord to have his or her say. Individually this is rarely possible, but through membership of the NLA we can have a clear collective voice and lobby our politicians in matters that are the concern of us all.


This is not an inexpensive process – we need to attend meetings, be on top of current issues affecting the PRS and to be on hand wherever and whenever these things are being discussed by politicians at every level. By joining us as a full member your contribution will go to support our fighting fund and ensure your chosen status as a landlord is defended from those that would like to denigrate the Private Landlord and limit their activities. NLA Membership also offers you access to a range of exclusive benefits.



From now on:

In addition to a local authority’s existing duty to consult landlords, town halls will be required to obtain specific approval from the Secretary of State if more than 1 in 5 landlords, or 20 per cent of the local area will be effected by a proposed scheme. This is a direct result of the NLA’s work and will stop schemes like those implemented in the London Borough of Newham and proposed in the City of Liverpool.

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