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Landlord Legal Solutions launches

Date online: 11/02/2016

The new platform means most landlords will not need to instruct a solicitor as they can produce all the legal notices necessary to deal with breaches in tenancy agreements and, where necessary, regain possession of a property. The platform is available at any time and provides real time case tracking.

The site also offers a free solicitor's letter which is often enough to make tenants comply with the landlord’s requirements without having to issue any proceedings.

Should the landlord need to pursue legal action then they can carry out all of the following actions online: prepare statutory section 8 and 21 notices and court proceedings to lawfully obtain possession of a property; download notices and court proceedings; receive step-by-step instructions and support. There is also an online library which helps explain to landlords the legal processes that they need to follow and their rights and obligations.

Paula Hebberd, associate solicitor, Landlord Legal Solutions, Moore Blatch, said: “Buy-to-let repossessions are running at around 100,000 annually and many of these were most likely avoidable, had the landlord taken action immediately and assertively as soon as an issue arose. Understandably, many landlords are highly leveraged, but this often means a significant period of voids and / or unexpected costs through damages which can create a repossession situation. Even for those landlords who can meet their mortgage payments, tenant issues can create a serious blow to their income. Landlord Legal Solutions avoids the understandable delay that many landlords go through before appointing a solicitor because they can now initiate the process themselves with total transparency of costs and real time case tracking. Should they need it, they also can call upon solicitors for help.”

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