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Can I install a satellite dish without landlord permission?

Date online: 17/01/2014

The majority of people in the country these days have some form of television subscription. Whether it is Virgin Media, BT or the old favourite, Sky, people don't quite think that plain old Freeview quite cuts it and opt for subscription services with hundreds of channels.

The main bone of contention when it comes to having a subscription service installed into the house is when that service is Sky; in order to work, the television requires a satellite dish, something which some landlords have a problem with. 

Whilst a landlord should retain some element of control over their property, it is imperative that they allow their tenants to make it feel like their home in order to keep them in the property; by having too many rules and regulations for them to follow, they are more likely to up and leave, rendering your property empty and your monthly rental income non-existent.

Landlords who decide that they don't want a Sky dish installed onto their property are immediately segregating themselves from potential tenants. Most people in the UK will want to come home and watch TV via the medium that they choose; if a landlord takes this option away from them, they will be less likely to sign on the dotted line.

After all, TV is seen very much as a necessity to everyday life in our era, as opposed to a medium to watch for a couple of hours a day.

However, despite the ever changing and expanding digital era, there are still some landlords who stipulate that they will not allow a sky dish to be fitted, or at least require tenants to request permission.

Some areas in the UK are also classed as conservation areas and strictly prohibit satellite dishes, so tenants should not be changing the exterior of the property in any way, shape or form.

At Morris Property Management, we specialise as lettings agents in Rochdale and whilst it is not something that we have seen extremely often, we have seen the odd landlord denying the tenant the right to have a Sky dish fitted.

As a tenant, you don't have the automatic right to make changes to the property and whilst most are lenient and want you to make the property your home in any way that you wish, some landlords will want the property to be returned to its original state should you ever decide to vacate the property, this includes the removal of a Sky dish if one has been fitted.

The landlord has control over the property and if they say something isn't to be put on the outside, then it doesn't go outside. Well drafted tenancy agreements will cover every element of changing a property and many will make it a clause that a Sky dish can't be fitted.

However, the majority of landlords are understanding (and probably have Sky themselves!) so understand that having a dish fitted is part and parcel of having a tenant in a property.

As with anything when you are renting a property, if you aren't sure, it is always best to air on the side of caution and simply ask the landlord if they mind you making certain changes.

If you aren't sure whether you can have a Sky dish, and your agreement doesn't have any clauses that clarify this query, simply get in touch with the lettings agency or landlord, whoever you deal with most and find out.

Furthermore, the wisest way to go about finding out if you are able to have Sky fitted is to ask before you sign on the dotted line.

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